What Are the 7 Deadly Sins?

What are the seven deadly sins? Catholicism refers to seven abominable sins, including pride, greed, lust, and gluttony. These sins have long been believed to be harmful and lead to eternal misery. In 2008, the Catholic Church updated its list and added obscene wealth, genetic engineering, and pollution to the original “seven deadly sins.”


One of the seven deadly sins is pride. Pride is one of the first sins committed by man and is often the cause of many other sins. Pride caused Adam and Eve to sin, introducing the rest of humanity’s suffering into the world. The same pride allowed slavery to continue in the antebellum era, with many believing blacks were less than human. In short, pride is a deadly sin when taken to extremes.


The seven deadly sins are a list of vices considered destructive and entangling. Although the list of sins was not found in the Bible, Christians have adopted it as a quick reference to destructive sinful behaviors. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins because it causes an individual to have an excess of material things. Desire can be fatal when associated with money, power, or fame.


Lust is the desire for physical pleasure that is inappropriate for the person’s relationship. When lust is not suppressed, it becomes a disordered and addictive impulse. In addition to the physical joy it brings, lust can also affect a person’s relationship with their children. Some people even go so far as to use birth control methods to avoid the consequences of lust.


Gluttony is the inordinate desire to consume more than we need. This sin is associated with the fruit of the orange and pig. It can ruin one’s attention, self-control, and sobriety. It can even result in the devil eating snakes. In this article, we’ll examine how gluttony impacts our lives. If you’ve ever experienced the consequences of gluttony, it’s time to review your actions.


The sin of envy is the desire for another person’s traits, status, abilities, or situation. The consequences of envy are terrible, and the person who indulges in it will face eternal damnation. According to Saint Basil, the sin of envy is the “ugliest and most deadly sin,” and even hidden envy is a form of misery. The feeling of envy destroys the joy of life.


The sin of sloth is not to be confused with laziness. This sin is a more complex vice than laziness. It manifests itself as a tendency to be busy and disinterested in many activities. However, sloth has similar traits to other deadly sins: it is a destructive vice that undermines the quality of life. In addition, sloth can lead to malice and even spite towards God. Its symptoms include an inability to keep God’s commandments or a disinclination to perform the good works of God.

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